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Little things & Vintage Shops of Wiltshire

As a child I was never fond of the heavy and old furnitures that I used to see a lot at my Grandmother’s place in Kolkata, India. It used to be all bold and chunky and quite dated for it’s time. Little did I know at that time , that as a grown up I would be in love with all things vintage. It’s magical to travel in time through these vintage items , especially that tells history and stories behind.

I am grateful to have a life which helps me to live a country life in the mystic and charming countryside of WiltshireBye Bye London </strong>👋. There are a plenty of vintage and antiques shops that I have discovered in my town and around. Just enough to keep me occupied with what I like doing best.

As a stay home wife, I get to spend quality time in seeing and indulging in things that keeps me going. It could be as simple as decorating my house , painting or preparing a simple meal at home. It’s a satisfying experience that just a home cooked food can bring smile to my husband’s face when he’s back at noon from his work for a quick lunch! And in return it gives me joy in doing these little things for us.

One of the recent interests that I got involved in was checking out various Vintage and Antiques Shops in my local town in Wiltshire. Stuffs like – framed pictures that have been hand crafted & gifted in mid 20th century, wooden chairs dated back to 60’s era , some classic granny’s cook books , clay pots that look insta-gorgeous , milk-churns and many more ancient crockeries that all tell tales of the era that thrived with so much artistic memories.

I visited number of Antique shops in this Village of Wiltshire where I found many incredible stuffs and furnitures , pictures , vases , frames and mirrors etc . Definitely worth spending time in and observing little details on each of these items can make me forget the count of time.

In coming weeks I will be doing our new place in Wiltshire. And as mentioned in my earlier post , am very excited and looking forward to get super busy with making the house look pretty and cosy beautifully.

Some antique items included in my current look of house

Look forward to sharing more in my later posts. I have to share my experience and share the joy in shaping it all up(the last pic is from the current look of my house which has the antique shop mirror and chair)😊

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Bye Bye London 👋

I had been really away and caught up in the hustles of life in the last few months as there has been major development in our life! 😀

Moving to two different countries twice last year and winding up gastronomy business in Germany kept us occupied most part of the year. Finally our call has come to move in to the beautiful countryside of Wiltshire where my husband is posted in British defense service.

So yea 🤩 Cheers and Celebrations are certainly there with lots of changes to retrospect in settling down for both of us. And am beyond excited to bring these little changes in our life.

Am most excited about decorating the house that we get into and doing it all the way that I had long been anticipating. We had been staying at a shared accommodation in London for a while before we move in to Wiltshire this week!

In the coming days I am going to spend a lot of time buying stuffs and furnishings for our new accommodation.

So a lot of shopping and planning is already in process on making it our lovely abode.

I am also aiming to make youtube video/s on my channel in the coming month featuring these.

Definitely going to miss London a lot for it’s vibrance and life that it brought into our lives since we moved in here in August 2019.

Glad that the next couple of years for us are not going to be too far from the hustle of London as well.

We loved every moment spent here in London and certainly look forward to the new beginning for us in the English Countryside : ) !!

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Rainy Day Plans in London

Rainy Day View in London

One fine day when I finally decided to go out and see the city by myself- London being the wet and charming self- cast its play. It rained and rained and continued raining as it usually does here in the city.
I usually tend to step out of the house and especially if going out, shopping or sightseeing the place then I better try to plan on dry and in manageable weather conditions. However, London is different and life doesn’t stop here with it’s constant and usual rainy days – that are so often than not.
It’s over two months we have moved back to London and for me, it’s a first time – so am taking my own sweet time to get used to the city and it’s ways. Am loving it here and it has been pleasant so far except for the constant rainy days and with cloudy grey long mornings especially now with Fall weather conditions. I look forward to the bright and sunny days that are numbered during this time.

Shepherds Bush Crossing

Well, one fine weekday I had decided to see and explore Central London on my own. It was for the first time I wanted to go, do some shopping and see the beautiful part of this incredible city, by myself. I love its vibrancy, it has so much of life and ever brimming with people in that part of London. There’s always so much happening there and that’s enough excitement for me to explore and live that experience.
I could see it was cloudy and drizzling outside of my window. But I thought to myself that it will be adventurous to see it during the rainy day! Ha Ha little did I know that my plan would have to be cancelled midway and it would turn out to be more of an eating and pub hopping day for me.
I had to change the bus to go to central London from Shepherds Bush.. which I quite enjoyed and insisted on taking a bus instead of a tube. Since this city itself is new to me I don’t leave any opportunity to see it as much as possible by getting clear views from Bus rides that are not possible by tube journeys. That’s usually saved for the ones when we have to save time! And also am yet to master the ways that tube route functions. It’s a little bewildering for a new dweller like me 🙂 So I had to get down in Shepherds Bush and before I could board the route 94 Bus I changed my mind to rather hit the pub I spotted nearby- The Duchess. I love English Pubs a lot – immensely actually. I love the feel, the decor, the old wooden texture and victorian era touch to it makes it all very interesting for me to go enjoy a little time there.

The Duchess at Shepherds Bush, London

When I was in Bangalore in India- by the way, that city is not only a technology but a pub capital of the country as well, and I used to love visiting many different pubs out there. Those are all very modern and beautifully done and most of them play music as it is mostly full of younger crowd and have the freshly brewed beer. Here in London, rather in English pubs, I have noticed that it’s not much about music here, also it has a mix of a crowd and mostly older people but it’s more to do with catching up with old friends etc and enjoying a beer over live match etc. Well, whatever be the reason for people to visit these pubs I have my reservations for it. Always! And I enjoy it very much. Be it anywhere 🙂
So it was some time spent at The Duchess and I could see that though it was not raining much, I had the urge to hit back home and had the craving of trying something spicy- Indian food. It goes best with such weather!
Due to traffic and rain, I reached quite late in the afternoon for me to prepare lunch. Hence, I decided to visit the close by small Indian food joint for the delicious chicken biryani that I could not resist. It’s very close to where I stay so I could relax and enjoy my late lunch.
I know in doing this my central London plan had to be kept at bay for now. Am positive that am
going to do it very soon and will capture and pen down that experience in near-time.

Special Spicy Chicken Biryani at Joey’s

For now, I have made a video of this short eating out on a rainy day in London. I have shared it here and it is linked to my Youtube Channel.

Do let me know if you have ever come across such times when due to bad weather or any conditions had to cancel your plan.

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Happy Being Brown :)

A Must Watch Video on Youtube by Nandita Das

A must watch video.. especially , being born in India it’s quiet common for us in India to hear and speak about the color of the skin. The myth we all want to believe in is if we are fair skinned, we look prettier 😉 everything looks flawless on a fair skinned person! Link to the video is shared here.

Interestingly, India is one such nation where it’s full of variety in terms of its geographical and weather conditions and as a result the skin color varies and depends a lot in it . People who live up north and north east are way more fair skinned compared to down south or in extreme east & west where the weather conditions are extreme.

What is sad to know is that we would not really be interested to know the truth behind it. We’d rather not stop caring & pursuing an impossible dreaming of becoming fairer skinned or simply put – we naturally tend to believe “all that glitters is gold” and that isn’t the case obviously. Not to mention, the beauty products that endorses with their false marketing gimmicks to make anyone fairer in days and weeks are also something to ponder on and completely blamed for.

I would not lie , not until long ago I too used to think and I wish were fairer skinned. But after moving abroad and especially having the biggest strength ,my husband ,who has such an amazing positive attitude towards life that these thoughts become petty and irrelevant in life. Haha , I feel am my biggest critique and can get too ambitious or harsh on me at times. I mostly tend to wear elbow length tops and dresses. Hence my forearms are darker, and so my worries 😉

This video clip has such an amazing and powerful message that I couldn’t help from sharing it and penning my thoughts down.

Finally a message so strong that no matter what the color of our skin , let’s celebrate it and feel confident in it. You’re beautiful just the way you’re! 🙂

One must believe in self it to achieve what you may fancy to do in life. The skin color can never be a hindrance to one’s endeavors. Atleast not in the true sense.

Truly speaking after seeing many who hit the tanning parlors in western countries , in my opinion people in India have a beautifully balanced brown shades!

We’ve got “brownie points” here my fellow Indians 😉

Dark or Fair , Lean or Obese , so long one’s happy in the state of mind , eating healthy and trying to strike a balance in lifestyle one leads , these thoughts hardly matters!!

Let me know what is your take on the subject here…

Cheers! 🙂